Brass Mission & Vision: CEO Word

Energy is the favorite companion of today’s man life. It is also the pillar of the world economy. At BRASS Energy, we have chosen to be at the heart of the energy business network. BRASS mission is to create an added value to Energy Industry, which consists of giving our customers access to many of disciplines and specialized skills to expand what they can do; we strongly believe that the main companies’ asset “human resources” is the success key to any modern company…..

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About Us

BRASS Energy was created by experienced O&G professionals to deliver support services to energy  field operators; Our services portfolio includes but not limited to consulting, training, business development, project management, data processing and interpretation, man power recruitment, market evaluation…Etc.

Our main objective is to share our experience and to create bridges between energy players to optimize as much as possible all  their  process and support them to meet their complex objectives.

At BRASS Energy, we strongly believe that knowledge and personnel experience diversity are our strongest
asset and this collective wisdom is enhanced with each new expert joining our organization. BRASS Energy is committed to deliver high quality support services, and strictly respect customer standards & privacy requirements.

Our Services


Consulting and Business Development
Training and Seminars

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