BRASS Mission & Vision:

Humans have come to rely on energy flows, ranging from fossil fuels to photovoltaic generation of electricity for their civilized existence; Energy is the only universal currency; it is necessary for getting anything done. Energy business is a very sensitive segment, where knowledge is a determinant factor affecting all aspects of any process in this business.

At BRASS Energy, our objectives are mainly to deliver highly professional services to the energy market, to became a bridge between energy knowledge and skills seekers and energy experienced professionals and consultants; moreover we are making available equipment and specialty services to energy players with different profiles and disciplines.

At BRASS Energy, we believe in our capabilities to be an important energy services provider. The merging of human academic skills and experience is the foundation of our business by working closely with our customers. Accordingly, we take a proactive approach to human resources, skill improvement and development, and maintain close ties to universities and international oil & gas institutions. Therefore, we are proud of our solid cumulated experience in the energy field covering its Technical, Economic, Managerial and Legal aspects. At BRASS Energy, we are committed to offer the best services matching today’s energy business as well as respecting the customer objectives and standards. At BRASS Energy, we aim to remain a trustworthy and reliable service company for our customers and partners.

BRASS Value : L.E.A.D.E.R

  • L eadership by Example: To set new benchmark in Energy field
  • E thics: Honesty, Integrity & Transparency
  • A mbition: to achieve our goals
  • D etermination: to reach our customer objective
  • E xpertise: Expert Services
  • R esult Orientation: to work relentlessly with outstanding result achievement

BRASS Services

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