ALNAFT Exploration Bidding Round

The National and International Call for competition to award Research and Exploitation hydrocarbon Perimeters launched by Alnaft are followed by data room sessions during which technical data will be provided, and the book of specifications on each project will be submitted to the interested companies.

During the data room sessions duration, which is about 2 or 3 weeks, the partner has to choose the best blocks and perimeters based on a preliminary evaluation of the hydrocarbon potential using the available data: stratigraphic section, drilled wells results, well logs, testing results, seismic, mapping, etc…

Our team has a large background experience not only in Exploration Geosciences but also in a good knowledge of the Algerian mining domain in general and for each perimeter in particular, and can assist and advice interested companies during the data room sessions in technical evaluation of each block, blocks ranking, economic evaluation, Algerian regulation in force, etc.