BRASS Vision & Mission


Dr Mohamed Said Beghoul

Energy is the favorite companion of today’s man life. It is also the pillar of the world economy. At BRASS Energy, we have chosen to be at the heart of the energy business network. BRASS Energy mission is to create an added value to Energy Industry, which consists of giving our customers access to many of disciplines and specialized skills to expand what they can do; we strongly believe that the main companies’ asset “human resources” is the success key to any modern company.”Training and Seminars” constitute the core business of BRASS Energy and our long field experience allows us to be also a strategic support for the companies as regards of “ManPower”, “Business Development” and “Data Processing & Interpretation”. At BRASS Energy, we believe that the merging of human academic skills and experience is the foundation of our business by working closely with tomorrow’s managers. Accordingly, we take a proactive approach to human resources, skill improvement and development, and maintain close ties to universities and international oil & gas institutions. Therefore, we are proud of our solid cumulated experience of more than 47 years in the Oil & Gas field covering its Technical, Economic, Managerial and Legal aspects. At BRASS Energy, we are committed to offer the best services matching today’s energy business as well as respecting the customer needs and standards. At BRASS Energy, we aim to remain a trustworthy and reliable company for our customers and partners.


Dr. Mohamed Said Beghoul has 33 years of experience in Oil and Gas Exploration and Development activity. He received his geophysics engineer diploma in 1977. He joined Sonatrach Exploration Division in July 1st, 1977 as log analyst: logging field supervision, petroleum geology and reservoir evaluation. From 1982 through 1985, he managed the Logs interpretation service.  From October 1985 through June 1990, he was detached by Sonatrach to France for completing a petroleum geology-geophysics PhD. After earning his doctorate in June 1991 from Strasbourg University (France), he joined back Sonatrach Exploration as head of Reservoir & Reserves Evaluation Department he developed. In February 1994, he was appointed Exploration manager for the Oued Mya-District IV basin. In 1995 he performed, as project leader, the International Algeria Well Evaluation Conference (WEC Algeria 95’) with the Schlumberger collaboration. In 1998, he was appointed Exploration Director of the Eastern part of Algeria mining domain (Berkine, Oued Mya, Illizi & Amguid-Messaoud basins). Many exciting new oil & gas discoveries have been made by his team till December 2002. He was also President of the Algerian-Libyan Alrar-Wafa gas field committee and President of the Management Committee of many Sonatrach-IOC’s Associations. From January 1st, 2003 to January 1st, 2005, he was selected as President Director General (CEO) of HESP logging company- Halliburton Entreprise de Services aux Puits (a Joint Venture between Halliburton Group & ENSP, a Sonatrach subsidiary in Hassi Messaoud). In January 1st, 2005 he joined back Sonatrach Exploration Division as Exploration advisor and President of the Management Committee of Sonatrach-Sinopec Association for 2 PSC Contracts. He joined CNPC International Algeria Exploration as General Manager’s Advisor, in Algiers, in May 2006. He left CNPC in July 2010. Since 2011, he was associated with INSIM (International Institute of Management) and the Algerian Petroleum Institute (IAP) as teaching expert. He is a fellow of the AAPG, the Society of Exploration Geophysicists (SEG), and a member of the AIG (Algerian Gas Industry Association). He is author of more than 50 oral communications and publications in different magazines, newspapers and national or international Conferences. He is preparing a book concerning the history and perspectives of the Algerian Oil & Gas industry.