Companies always target worldwide success and competitive advantage. To reach such targets, they should find and staff quality human resources and have them effectively worked for the organization. They should also keep a close eye on them to keep employees in their organization, to create a sense of commitment and  devotion in them. In so doing, managers should pay a special attention to all the core functions of human resources management as they play interdependent roles in organizational, social and economic aspects. All functions of human resources management play a significant role in reaching organizational targets and sustaining the organization in markets.
Our staffing service consist of assisting companies during their recruitment process by providing required personnel CVs; Our HR consultants select the adequate candidates to make more effective the recruitment process. During this process, we are coordinating with government employment agencies to comply with all local employment procedures & rules.

We are working closely with Universities and institutes by having agreements with students organizations & associations, to make a bridge between new graduates and labor market.

As part of our manpower service, we can also assign our consultants on a rental basis for specific tasks and for short periods.

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