Management Consultants

Mr R.Hamid (MBA)

University & Professional Trainings:
  • ENA Paris Trainer Training Certificate: 2011 (Sponsored by European Union)
  • Master in Business Administration (MBA): University of Quebec in Montreal – December 2001
  • Advanced Business Management Diploma: INPED Boumerdes- December 1987
  • State Diploma of OSP Counselor: Institute Applied Psychology University of Algiers: June 1976
Work experience :
in companies
  • Ministry Higher Education: 1976/1977: OSP Advisor.
  • SONATRACH Exploration and AST Hassi Messaoud: 1978 to 2015, PPL HR:  TBRH- Statistics – Career Management, Program Management and Planning of Training Actions – Employment-Training Budget
in Institutes:
  • INSAG -IFAC -IFEG Sonelgaz -INSIM-ESMAD-CNEPD -CFCM-CEFAM-Sonatrach School-ISMI-School Ibn. Sina- AFC – P & P, Vip Gpe, FORMADEMOS …
  • Supervised cycles: Master, DESS, Business Admin Engineers, Superior Technicians
  • Supervision of Inter and Intra Seminars
Modules teached
  • Human Ressources: HRM-workforce management, recruitment-administrative management, training- Compensation and payroll – GPEC – Skills management – Job analysis, Career management – Organizational communication – Human Resources audit – Maintenance and evaluation, Reporting and score cards, Expression methods
  • Marketing: Fundamental Marketing – Market Research, Marketing Mix, Strategic Marketing, Trade Negotiation, Sales Techniques, Merchandising.
  • Management: Management organizations, Strategic management, Team management Entrepreneurship and business plan, Investment evaluation, management techniques …
Topics of animated seminars:
  • Training of apprentice supervisors
  • The RH dashboards (with Excel and TCD)
  • Career management
  • The GPEC
  • Skills management
  • Training engineering
  • Development of the training plan and its evaluation
  • Write the job descriptions
  • Management technique
  • Teams management
  • Management of absenteeism
  • The Human Resources Audit
  • ADM management and organization of working time
  • Writting administrative letters
  • The management of the recruitment process and its effectiveness