Oil and Gas Training

Production Logging

  • Production Logging  basics.
  • Production Logging in Horizontal wells.
  • PL Interpretation.
Well Control & Intervention
  • WC – Well Control (Surface, Subsea and Equipment)
  • WI – Well Intervention (Wireline, Coiled Tubing and Workover)
Pressure Control Equipment – Wireline
  • PCE – Wireline Pressure Control Operations.
  • PCE – Basic Equipment Maintenance Training.
Well Integrity

  • Cement Quality Evaluation.
  • Mechanical/Magnetic Pipe Inspection.
  • Leak detection.
Well Testing & PVT

  • Well Testing data acquisition  and interpretation  MORE…
  • PVT analysis and application to Dry Gas, GPL and Condensate Reserves estimation  more…
Petroleum Geology
  • New concepts of Petroleum Geology  more…
  • Geologic Risk Assessment during Exploration  MORE…
  • Sedimentary Basins: Types, Classification and Hydrocarbon Potential  MORE…
Fundamentals of Petrophysics
  • E-line Logging tools principles.
  • Well logs petrophysical interpretation and geological application  more…
Reservoir Engineering & Modeling
  • Reserves in Place & Recoverable Estimation.
  • Reservoir Pressures: types, origin, estimation and prediction.
  • Hydrocarbons recovery and drive mechanisms.
  • Basic Seismic acquisition, processing and Interpretation.
  • Advanced Seismic acquisition, processing and Interpretation.
Unconventional Reserves & Reservoirs
  • Unconventional Oil and Gas resources ( Shale Oil, Shale gas, Tight sands, Tar sands, BCGA, …

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